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5 Ways to Enhance CCaaS with Global SIP Trunking

Innovative contact center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) solutions are offering strong alternatives in the market today. Unlike traditional cloud-based contact centers, CCaaS solutions do not utilize legacy TDM connections, but are IP based, enabling enterprises to integrate communications channels with CRM systems. This provides sales agents with end-to-end visibility of the customer record during a call, which can allow them to further enhance the customer experience. See All in SIP/SIP Trunking » 5 Reasons SIP Trunking is Alive and Well Irwin Lazar August 26, 2019 The SIP trunking market continues to thrive, even as organizations move to the cloud. To maximize value from a CCaaS solution, however, a global SIP Trunk is essential. Here are five ways by which a global SIP Trunk can help you get the best out of your CCaaS platform. Flowroute Top-Rated SIP Trunk Provider in 2019 John Malone August 21, 2019 Out of 29 providers, Eastern Management Group found Flowroute ranked as top SIP trunk vendor for 2019 and received four stars in multiple categories by customers. Whether you are a dedicated contact center employed by one or multiple organizations, an enterprise with on-premises facilities, or an enterprise outsourcing to a provider, the cloud offers fast deployment, reduced costs, a unified infrastructure, and an overall improved customer experience. More than 62% of organizations now have their contact center in the cloud and 46% of companies that don’t, are considering migrating, according to a DMG Consulting study. BICS_SP_JUNE20_774.png Security: Security is key for any CCaaS platform. Good global SIP providers offer Transport Layer Security (TLS) – building encryption into the signaling layer, while a secure RTP feature protects VoIP traffic as it traverses global networks. This is critical for sectors such as financial services, where secure customer channels are imperative, to eliminate risk to sensitive customer information.Efficiency: Contact centers often operate from several overseas locations. Rather than working with a number of regional SIP trunk providers to cater for geographically dispersed branches, partnering with just one global SIP provider for your CCaaS platform offers worldwide coverage. This significantly reduces overall cost of ownership.Scalability and feature set: A global SIP provider can expand with the needs of the contact center business, providing toll-free, inbound, and two-way numbers in any market needed. It also offers flexibility to increase or decrease channels based on traffic requirements. What’s more, a SIP Trunk allows an improved feature set, enhancing the capabilities of the platform.Support for follow-the-sun models: More and more contact centers are migrating from a 9-to-5 model to a follow-the-sun operating model to enhance customer service. A global SIP Trunk provider makes it easy to configure and manage the migration to this type of model from a technical perspective, eliminating the need to integrate routing setups from multiple providers from different geographies.Compliance: As governments around the world direct increased scrutiny toward cloud platforms of all kinds, it’s paramount that contact centers ensure the virtual numbers that accompany their CCaaS platforms are compliant with local regulations — including telecommunications licensing, emergency calling, and lawful intercept requirements. A global SIP Trunk provider fully complies with local regulatory requirements and provides services mandatory for the protection and safety of users and agents alike.BICS is a global SIP Trunk provider offering worldwide coverage to support global contact centers. Download the latest whitepaper, to find out how a global SIP Trunk will add value to your cloud communications strategy.Tags:News & ViewsBICSscalabilitySIP trunkSIPcontact centerSIP/SIP TrunkingCCaaSContact Center & Customer ExperienceSecurity Articles You Might Like Twilio Rated Top in SIP Customer Satisfaction, Again John Malone September 18, 2019 With its high customer satisfaction rating and focus on R&D, Twilio is making a name for itself in the SIP trunking market. Sangoma Leader in SIP Trunking for Small Businesses John Malone October 03, 2019 Customers give Sangoma four stars in all satisfaction measurements in 2019 Eastern Management Group survey. 8X8: More Than Cloud… Top-Rated in SIP Satisfaction John Malone September 12, 2019 Often thought of as a cloud UC and contact center provider, 8×8 has seen gains in the SIP trunk market – making fans along the way. Log in or register to post comments read more

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