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Niagara police make arrests in multiple break and enters

UPDATENiagara Regional Police Service has made two arrests following a rash of break and enters in the region.Back in July, Niagara Falls Street Unit launched an investigation after eight storage units were broken into.“Items stolen range from clothing and jewelry to electronics,” said Niagara police. “The value of all the stolen goods is estimated at over $10000.”Police arrested and charged 33-year-old Michael Strychar, of Niagara Falls, with eight counts of break and enter commit thefts. Officers made an arrest in another series of break and enters that happened during the overnight hours on Oct. 23 in the Village of Chippawa.Police say a vehicle, commercial property and a shed all within a five block radius were broken into. They say a credit card was taken from the vehicle and used at a local business. Jesse Jonathan, 39, was arrested on Monday at a home in the area of Mundare Cres. and Lamont Ave. in Niagara FallsHe has been charged with break and enter to commit theft, possession of a stolen vehicle valued over $5000 and use of a stolen credit card. read more

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Annan says UN must adhere to Charter principles while preparing for change

Calling attention to the UN’s capacity to adjust to changing international conditions, the Secretary-General says, “We must preserve this tradition of innovation while maintaining the principles of the Charter, which have guided the Organization for 56 years.” At the same time, he says preparations must be made “for the possibilities of the future and [to] meet the new demands made on the United Nations.”The report provides a detailed overview of the UN’s efforts to find solutions to the fundamental problems facing the world. Commenting on the scope of this work, Mr. Annan says “it underlines the enduring significance of the United Nations as an instrument of global cooperation for the common good.”The report highlights recent advances worldwide, while cautioning that they may prove too fragile to endure. “During the past year, we have witnessed striking contrasts on the international scene, both encouraging developments and dangerous threats,” writes the Secretary-General. “These mixed global trends are a reminder that the pursuit of international peace and progress requires the sustained commitment and engagement of the community of nations.”Addressing issues related to peace and security, Mr. Annan underscores the need to move from a culture of reaction to a culture of prevention. According to the report, a draft plan of action on peace-building is now being finalized to serve as a practical guide for the UN system on the formulation and implementation of strategies in that area. The report also reviews the status of proposals to improve UN peacekeeping, such as enhancing logistical support and developing within the UN ” a more effective capacity for analysis that can draw upon the wealth of information available from open sources and within the Organization.” The Secretary-General stresses that the adoption of such measures “will improve our capacity to respond to the demands that will be made on us.”In its section on humanitarian aid, the report decries the lack of adequate contributions to meet the world’s needs. “Underfunding is an ongoing and critical limitation for humanitarian action in a number of countries,” states Mr. Annan. “In the absence of immediate and realistic funding, emergency planning, preparedness and stockpiling can do little to accelerate the humanitarian response to a crisis,” he warns.The report also provides a detailed overview of the work of the United Nations in cooperating for development, promoting the international legal order and human rights, enhancing management within the Organization, and fostering partnerships with other actors.”On 29 June 2001, Member States did me great honour in appointing me to a second term as Secretary-General,” writes Mr. Annan. “We have achieved a great deal over the past five years. I firmly believe, however, that we can and must do better.” He expresses conviction that with the active support of the governments and peoples of the world, “the United Nations will fulfil its promise as an indispensable institution for international cooperation.” read more

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