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Nondrinkers pushing bars for better nonalcoholic cocktails

first_imgFor years, Carolyn Rebeyka has met friends at the same Regina bar every Friday afternoon for drinks. Sometimes they’d be celebrating a birthday or triumph at work, other times it was just to catch up.Then, about three years ago, her doctor put her on medication and suggested she avoid drinking to better monitor her body’s reaction to the drug.“It wasn’t permanent, but I actually kind of liked not drinking,” Rebeyka said, adding she was never a heavy drinker, but enjoyed not feeling the effects of alcohol.“Even if you had a few drinks, you could still feel the difference the next morning,” she added. “It’s not that you’re hungover, but you can tell the difference.”Now Rebeyka rarely drinks, but going to bars and restaurants is still a big part of her social life.Like many others who have decided to cut back on drinking, Rebeyka has found there are often few interesting drink options that don’t include booze. Many of the traditional options are uninspired (juice, sparkling water) or overly sweet (Shirley Temples, virgin daiquiris).“The options for alcohol, those are almost unlimited,” she said. “It seems like bars don’t want to be as creative when they’re serving their non-drinkers.”It’s not completely commonplace yet, but there is a growing push from some establishments to offer more interesting and complex non-alcoholic drink options.Kate Boushel, a bartender at Montreal’s Atwater Cocktail Club, said customers come in asking for non-alcoholic drinks “every night” and she enjoys making them since it allows for creativity on her part.“I’ve had fun and made cocktails that look exactly like other cocktails on my menu, just instead of alcohol, I’ve replaced it with low-sugar fruit juice,” she said.“I’ll do apple juice with a touch of carrot and maybe some thyme syrup, with a little bit of our house tonic,” she added. “That will be refreshing, light, but it will still be more complex than, let’s say, a virgin mojito.”People ordering non-alcoholic drinks often don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they aren’t drinking, and in some cases, they’ll actually request Boushel’s help in not blowing their cover.This often happens with pregnant women, when it’s too early to make an announcement.“With women who are pregnant, funny enough, the bartender is one of the first people who finds out,” Boushel said. “They don’t want their friends to know, so (they ask), ‘Can you make me look like I’m drinking?’”A similar request also frequently comes from people who are “out and about with business partners, or clients,” she said. “Maybe they’ve had enough, but they want to keep up appearances.”The team at Pretty Ugly cocktail bar in Toronto have gone even further to accommodate patrons who don’t drink. They spent nearly a year developing “placebo” liquors: non-alcoholic concoctions intended to replace actual booze. Owner and bartender Robin Goodfellow has developed an alcohol-free amaro, a Campari, and a plum wine.“I don’t feel that a bar is a place that only should serve people who want to get drunk,” Goodfellow said, adding he likes drinking but hates being drunk, and that many of his friends abstain from alcohol. “You can enjoy the music, the decor, the conversations, the energy of a bar even if you’re not drinking.”He doesn’t want his drinks to completely replicate the taste of liquor, but instead provide an option that “has that feeling of a Negroni or a Manhattan.” He said his alcohol-free Negroni is “definitely for a mature palate, someone who maybe used to drink Campari.”Goodfellow has wondered about serving a non-alcoholic cocktail to someone with a drinking problem who might be at risk of a relapse. He’s asked his friend who coined the term “placebo drink,” chef Matty Matheson, if he thought the offering could be dangerous.“If I make something really similar-tasting to something he used to drink, is that going to trigger his same old habits that he’s trying to avoid?” Goodfellow wondered. “He told us no, but … I would love to hear what people think about that, because that’s something I’m concerned about.”Dr. Jonathan Bertram, an addictions specialist at Toronto’s Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, said there’s no one single answer. Addiction experts have isolated two major triggers that can cause relapse in people with alcoholism, Bertram explained.“There’s the very obvious chemical trigger, which is a result of alcohol initiating a dopamine release in the brain,” he said. “But then there’s also this sort of anticipatory excitement or euphoria that comes from a person engaging in the ritual of drinking.”In those cases, drinking something meant to resemble an alcoholic drink — or even being in a bar environment at all — can be a trigger.But that risk is “not an easy thing to standardize or isolate,” because it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone, Bertram added.And sometimes, the option of a placebo drink can “make it a lot easier for a person to go out and socially integrate into the drinking exercise without having to use alcohol.”He urged people in recovery to consult their doctors before making the decision.When Cory Bagdon of Thunder Bay, Ont., decided to take a break from alcohol for a summer while in university about ten years ago, he found the social pressure to drink was “isolating.”“When I gave up drinking, I would be treated differently,” he said. “I’d go out with the same people, but they wouldn’t talk to me the same way.”He recalled friends seeming “offended” that he didn’t want to drink, and said an acquaintance once got physically aggressive when he refused a shot.Even now Bagdon sometimes feels pressure to drink more than he wants to at social gatherings. To avoid an awkward conversation he’ll sometimes order a bottled beer and fill it up with water once it’s empty.“It seems strange that even though I don’t want to be a part of the drinking culture, I can’t separate myself from the social component of drinking culture,” he said.Goodfellow said his ultimate goal in dreaming up new drinks and running his bar in general is to make it more welcoming for people who aren’t interested in getting drunk.“I very much promote alcohol consumption, done responsibly,” he said.“But I love that maybe we’re changing the way non-drinkers enjoy nightlife.”last_img read more

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Blast rocks near Egypt intelligence headquarters

first_imgBy Ahmed AttiaCairo- A powerful explosion rocked a garage near the main intelligence headquarters in eastern Cairo on Friday, eyewitnesses said.Security forces and bomb disposal teams rushed to the scene to explore into the causes of the blast, according to the witnesses. There was no comment from Egyptian authorities until the filing of this report.last_img

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UN calls for probe after air strike in northern Afghanistan kills dozens

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is sending a team to the north of the country where an overnight air strike by NATO forces against stolen trucks has reportedly led to dozens of civilian deaths. Peter Galbraith, the Deputy UN Special Representative in Afghanistan, said in a statement that he was very concerned by the reports of the civilian casualties in the air strike, which took place in the Aliabad district of Kunduz province. “As an immediate priority, everything possible must be done to ensure that people wounded by this attack are properly cared for, and that families of the deceased are getting all the help they need,” Mr. Galbraith said. “Steps must also be taken to examine what happened and why an air strike was employed in circumstances where it was hard to determine with certainty that civilians were not present,” he said, adding that UNAMA was dispatching a team to look into the situation. 4 September 2009The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is sending a team to the north of the country where an overnight air strike by NATO forces against stolen trucks has reportedly led to dozens of civilian deaths. read more

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Côte dIvoire UN forces help in rescue operations after deadly bus accident

The UN Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI) dispatched three ambulances, two motorboats from the Bangladeshi component, special forces from its Jordanian contingent and a police unit to the scene of the accident.UNOCI, with some 10,000 uniformed personnel on the ground, has been supporting stabilization and reunification efforts in Côte d’Ivoire over the past seven years after civil war split the country into a rebel-held north and a Government-controlled south.The mission played a major role in last year’s elections and this year’s installation of the winner, Alassane Ouattara, after defeated president Laurent Gbagbo initially refused to step down.Cote 5 August 2011United Nations peacekeepers in Côte d’Ivoire today helped local authorities in rescue and recovery operations after a crowded bus crashed from a bridge into a lagoon in Abidjan, the largest city, killing 46 people according to provisional estimates. read more

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5 Ways to Enhance CCaaS with Global SIP Trunking

Innovative contact center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) solutions are offering strong alternatives in the market today. Unlike traditional cloud-based contact centers, CCaaS solutions do not utilize legacy TDM connections, but are IP based, enabling enterprises to integrate communications channels with CRM systems. This provides sales agents with end-to-end visibility of the customer record during a call, which can allow them to further enhance the customer experience. See All in SIP/SIP Trunking » 5 Reasons SIP Trunking is Alive and Well Irwin Lazar August 26, 2019 The SIP trunking market continues to thrive, even as organizations move to the cloud. To maximize value from a CCaaS solution, however, a global SIP Trunk is essential. Here are five ways by which a global SIP Trunk can help you get the best out of your CCaaS platform. Flowroute Top-Rated SIP Trunk Provider in 2019 John Malone August 21, 2019 Out of 29 providers, Eastern Management Group found Flowroute ranked as top SIP trunk vendor for 2019 and received four stars in multiple categories by customers. Whether you are a dedicated contact center employed by one or multiple organizations, an enterprise with on-premises facilities, or an enterprise outsourcing to a provider, the cloud offers fast deployment, reduced costs, a unified infrastructure, and an overall improved customer experience. More than 62% of organizations now have their contact center in the cloud and 46% of companies that don’t, are considering migrating, according to a DMG Consulting study. BICS_SP_JUNE20_774.png Security: Security is key for any CCaaS platform. Good global SIP providers offer Transport Layer Security (TLS) – building encryption into the signaling layer, while a secure RTP feature protects VoIP traffic as it traverses global networks. This is critical for sectors such as financial services, where secure customer channels are imperative, to eliminate risk to sensitive customer information.Efficiency: Contact centers often operate from several overseas locations. Rather than working with a number of regional SIP trunk providers to cater for geographically dispersed branches, partnering with just one global SIP provider for your CCaaS platform offers worldwide coverage. This significantly reduces overall cost of ownership.Scalability and feature set: A global SIP provider can expand with the needs of the contact center business, providing toll-free, inbound, and two-way numbers in any market needed. It also offers flexibility to increase or decrease channels based on traffic requirements. What’s more, a SIP Trunk allows an improved feature set, enhancing the capabilities of the platform.Support for follow-the-sun models: More and more contact centers are migrating from a 9-to-5 model to a follow-the-sun operating model to enhance customer service. A global SIP Trunk provider makes it easy to configure and manage the migration to this type of model from a technical perspective, eliminating the need to integrate routing setups from multiple providers from different geographies.Compliance: As governments around the world direct increased scrutiny toward cloud platforms of all kinds, it’s paramount that contact centers ensure the virtual numbers that accompany their CCaaS platforms are compliant with local regulations — including telecommunications licensing, emergency calling, and lawful intercept requirements. A global SIP Trunk provider fully complies with local regulatory requirements and provides services mandatory for the protection and safety of users and agents alike.BICS is a global SIP Trunk provider offering worldwide coverage to support global contact centers. Download the latest whitepaper, to find out how a global SIP Trunk will add value to your cloud communications strategy.Tags:News & ViewsBICSscalabilitySIP trunkSIPcontact centerSIP/SIP TrunkingCCaaSContact Center & Customer ExperienceSecurity Articles You Might Like Twilio Rated Top in SIP Customer Satisfaction, Again John Malone September 18, 2019 With its high customer satisfaction rating and focus on R&D, Twilio is making a name for itself in the SIP trunking market. Sangoma Leader in SIP Trunking for Small Businesses John Malone October 03, 2019 Customers give Sangoma four stars in all satisfaction measurements in 2019 Eastern Management Group survey. 8X8: More Than Cloud… Top-Rated in SIP Satisfaction John Malone September 12, 2019 Often thought of as a cloud UC and contact center provider, 8×8 has seen gains in the SIP trunk market – making fans along the way. Log in or register to post comments read more

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UN agency urgently seeks 9 million to prevent locust plague in north

After exceptional rains last year allowed generations of locusts to breed sufficiently to produce swarms, the agency called on international donors to provide $6 million to support desert locust control operations in Mauritania and Western Sahara, where the situation is deteriorating. Tho pests that escape control are likely to move into Algeria and Morocco within a matter of weeks or even days, where a further cycle of breeding may take place in spring, FAO cautioned. “Swarms that are not sprayed will move south in June/July and, if this year’s summer rains are good, a plague affecting the whole of the Western Region (West and North-West Africa) could follow,” the agency noted, calling for a rapid reinforcement of control operations “to try to break this cycle of events.” The agency sought a further $3 million for Mali, Niger and Chad, in order to prevent the early stages of the current upsurge from developing into a plague. Algeria and Morocco came rapidly to Mauritania’s assistance with qualified staff, vehicles, pesticides and light aircraft in an operation valued at more than $2 million and organized by FAO with a United States grant. But large populations of desert locust are still present as swarms and hopper bands, covering an estimated 500,000 hectares in Mauritania and Western Sahara. With a movement of swarms to the north being imminent, Algeria and Morocco have to keep their remaining resources ready to eliminate any threat to their own agriculture. In Mauritania, resources are running out, threatening to halt further operations, while ecological conditions continue to be favourable for breeding, FAO added. A locust outbreak is also in progress on the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia where swarms are forming, some of which are expected to move into the interior of the country where a further generation of breeding could occur in the coming months. A few swarms could reach adjacent areas in Jordan, southern Iraq and Western Iran after that, the agency said. read more

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Security Council must match scale of Syria crisis with bold response –

Addressing the 15-member body during an open briefing, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos said it is alarming that “people have become numb to figures that should, every day, shock our collective conscience.” Over the tragic five-year arc of conflict, she continued, 220,000 people have been killed, more than one million have been injured, 7.6 million have been displaced and four million people have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. And the suffering continues to this day. In the past weeks alone, well over 100,000 people were displaced in a new wave of fighting in Idlib. “Each time, I speak of atrocity after atrocity; violation after violation; misery after misery,” said Ms. Amos, who was joined in her plea for action by António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Angelina Jolie Pitt, UNHCR’s Special Envoy, and Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP). The Security Council adopted a Presidential Statement on the issue, demanding that all parties to the Syrian domestic conflict immediately put an end to all forms of violence. The Council expressed alarm that the Syrian crisis has become the largest humanitarian emergency crisis in the world today, threatening peace and security in the region with diverse implications on the neighbouring countries and the displacement of millions. The 15-member body emphasized the strain placed on host country education systems by the inflow of refugees and that additional resources will be required to help the 600,000 children outside the school system. It also urged donors, international financial institutions, and UN agencies to consider financing instruments that effectively meet the “unique needs” of countries impacted by the conflict. UN Officials, delegates and other participants at the Security Council meeting on the continuing conflict in Syria and the attendant humanitarian and refugee crises. UN Photo/Mark Garten ‹ › “There are fresh allegations that chemical weapons have been used again in Idlib, killing and injuring civilians,” Ms. Amos said in her remarks, emphasizing that the Council has been briefed on the situation in Yarmouk, the besieged, largely Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus, where today people have reached “new levels of despair.” With hundreds of thousands of people in a “daily struggle for survival,” it is imperative to have full and unimpeded humanitarian access to populations in need. All aid, but particularly medical and surgical aid, must be allowed on convoys. Government security forces had again removed all surgical supplies from the trucks on their way to Homs governorate, depriving people of urgently needed treatments, she told the Council. The people of Syria “rightly want more,” said Ms. Amos. They want an end to the war that has “destroyed their country and ravaged their lives…Stop the violations of international law, protect civilians and ensure humanitarian access,” she urged. “The failure to stop the violence has undermined the credibility of this Council and eroded confidence in the international community to take its responsibilities seriously,” she continued. She called on the Council to demand that attacks on education and cease; establish a fact-finding mission; mandate the negotiation of humanitarian pauses; send perpetrators a clear message that their crimes will not go unpunished; and enforce an arms embargo for violations of international law. “There is no humanitarian solution. The only solution is a political dialogue. Time is, however, running out on Syria. This is a crisis with potential global repercussions. I ask the Council to match its scale with an equally bold response,” she said. Taking to the floor next, Mr. Guterres said: “We are all longing for a shred of hope, some good news, but since my last briefing to this Council, things have only gotten worse.” Some 14 million people are now displaced due to the interlinked crises in Syria and Iraq. New border management measures are preventing refugees from reaching safety. And there is now a growing trend of “host fatigue” which has increased tensions in communities, as local families struggle harder to cope the longer the conflict drags on. Living conditions across the region are deteriorating. Dangerous coping mechanisms are on the rise with many families forced to send their children to work or to marry off their teenage daughters. Further, more and more desperate refugees are attempting the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. “There has to be massively increased support to the neighbouring countries,” he said, emphasizing the need for a “fundamental review of development cooperation policies.” Because Lebanon and Jordan are middle income countries, the World Bank is not allowed to give them grants to help deal with the severe demographic shock they have endured. It is imperative to redress this and other “serious inadequacies” in the global aid architecture, he explained. “With more support across the region, we could help turn refugees’ situation around from one of dependency and unsustainability to one where their economic self-reliance becomes an option, allowing them to also contribute to the development of their host societies,” Mr. Guterres added. Adressing the Council next, Ms. Jolie Pitt said that since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, she has made 11field visits to Syrian refugees in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Malta. “I wish that some of the Syrians I met could be here today, I think of the mother I met recently in a refugee camp in Iraq. She could tell you what it is like to try to live after your young daughter was ripped from your family by armed men and taken as a sex slave,” the Oscar-winning American actress said. “Any one of the Syrians that I met would speak more eloquently about the conflict than I ever could,” she added. “I’m here for them because this is their United Nations. Here, all countries and all peoples are equal. The purpose of the UN is to prevent and end conflict. To bring countries together; find diplomatic solutions and save lives. We are failing to do this in Syria.” The crisis is made worse by division and indecision in the international community preventing the Security Council from fulfilling its duty, Ms. Jolie Pitt emphasized. “The people we met with trust that the truth alone would guarantee action,” she said, describing how throughout the years hope turned into anger and anger now into despair and hopelessness. “On my last visit, in February, anger had subsided to resignation and misery…To be a Syrian caught up in this conflict is to be cut off from every law and principle designed to protect innocent life.” The Security Council must address these threats to international peace and security but we are “standing by” in Syria, she added. “The problem is not lack of information. We know in excruciating detail what is happening.” The problem is a lack of political will. All of the good the UN does worldwide is undermined by the message being sent in Syria ¬– that hospitals can be bombed, aid can be withheld, and civilians starved with impunity, Ms. Jolie Pitt said, appealing for the Council to work as one and reach a settlement to bring justice and accountability for the Syrian people. “I urge the Council to visit refugees and see their impact. Those refugees cannot come to the Council so please will you go to them,” Ms. Jolie Pitt said. It is “sickening,” she said, how thousands of refugees are drowning on the “doorstep of the world’s wealthiest continent,” and urged action to address the utter desperation that forces people to go on that deadly journey. She also urged the Council to take more serious action to combat sexual violence in conflict and called on Member States to begin preparations now so that Syrian women are represented in talks focusing on rebuilding their country. Also addressing the Council, WFP chief Ms. Cousin recounted her most recent visit to a Syrian refugee camp, describing scenes of despair, anger and anguish as displaced families struggled to access food assistance. Since the beginning of the crisis, Ms. Cousin said, WFP had been assisting 4 million people inside Syria and 1.9 million people outside the war-torn country. But, she warned, amid funding shortfalls that very same humanitarian aid was now in “jeopardy.” “We have been forced to cut the family food basket inside of Syria by 30 per cent,” the WFP Executive Director continued. “I must warn this Council that when we reduce food access operations, we reduce stability.” Against that backdrop, she noted that as WFP response teams work feverishly across the five host nations harbouring thousands of refugees, many of the displaced remain at risk of malnutrition and stunted development, particularly with food prices surging. Some 4 million Syrian women and children, she added, had been plunged into “a serious nutritional crisis” and urgently required preventative nutritional services. The length and complexity of this crisis means we must increase not reduce, food and nutritional assistance, Ms. Cousin concluded. “We cannot ask parents to raise their children in a region without food and without peace.” read more

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Pyle has 18 points 11 boards Western Illinois wins 7063

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — Ben Pyle had 18 points to go with 11 rebounds as Western Illinois held on to beat Southeast Missouri State 70-63 on Saturday night.Western Illinois jumped out to an early lead before the Redhawks charged back to tie it 27-27 at the half. Ledarrius Brewer drilled a 3 to give Southeast Missouri its first lead in the second half, 37-34 with 16:21 left. The Redhawks stayed out front until Jeremiah Usiosefe nailed a 3 and Pyle hit back-to-back treys for a 52-45 lead at the 9:25 mark. Pyle sank his fourth 3 of the game for a 55-48 lead with 6:34 remaining as the Leathernecks held SE Missouri off in the final minutes.Isaac Johnson also totalled 18 points with seven rebounds and Kobe Webster added 16 points for the Leathernecks (4-4).Skyler Hogan had 18 points and Sage Tolbert added 11 with 10 rebounds for the Redhawks (4-4).The Associated Press read more

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Vipers manager Terje Marcussen I will run naked if we dont beat

The new force in Norwegian handball, Viper Kristiansand have a big plan for the future. General manager Terje Marcussen made a small earthquake with the following statement:– I’ll run naked around the hall if we do not take the better of Larvik within three years – said ambitious manager after his team lost against the unbeatable Larvik 18:32.Legendary Larvik left back Gro Hammerseng-Edin added on this:We just think it’s fun that anyone taking up the glove and decide to challenge us. But, they have to make much more than just buying Linn Jorum Sulland – smiled one of the best Norwegian player ever. We will see how serious plans has ambitious Norwegian club, currently fifth in domestic Championship. Will Sulland will be the only one or we will have a real revolution until 2019?Source: TV2.nophoto: Terje Marcussen VipersVipers handball ← Previous Story PARTILLE CUP: FIVE FEMALE STARS OF THE EOC Next Story → Kielce win derby against Rhein Neckar Lowen! read more

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The Goldfinch Tops Studios TV Ad Spending

first_img Popular on Variety 1 Movie titles with a minimum spend of $100,000 for airings detected between 08/19/2019 and 08/25/2019.* TV Impressions – Total TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.* Attention Score – Measures the propensity of consumers to interrupt an ad play on TV. The higher the score, the more complete views. Actions that interrupt an ad play include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV.* Attention Index – Represents the Attention of a specific creative or program placement vs the average. The average is represented by a score of 100, and the total index range is from 0 through 200. For example, an attention index of 125 means that there are 25% fewer interrupted ad plays compared to the average.Variety has partnered with, the always-on TV ad measurement and attribution company, to bring you this weekly look at what studios are spending to market their movies on TV. Learn more about the platform and methodology. $2.6M – Ready or Not Impressions: 164,790,623Attention Score: 95.90Attention Index: 126National Airings: 561Networks: 47Most Spend On: FOX, NBCCreative Versions: 22Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $5.32MStudio: Warner Bros.Started Airing: 05/14/19 Impressions: 192,449,509Attention Score: 95.62Attention Index: 121National Airings: 441Networks: 38Most Spend On: ABC, CBSCreative Versions: 4Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $5.26MStudio: Warner Bros.Started Airing: 08/12/19 Impressions: 224,274,644Attention Score: 95.38Attention Index: 117National Airings: 978Networks: 24Most Spend On: Adult Swim, MTVCreative Versions: 25Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $11.97MStudio: Fox Searchlight PicturesStarted Airing: 06/17/19 $1.93M – It Chapter Two $2.89M – Angel Has Fallen Notably, “It Chapter Two” has the best iSpot Attention Index (126) in the ranking, getting 26% fewer interruptions than the average movie ad (interruptions include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV). Impressions: 312,748,012Attention Score: 94.33Attention Index: 98National Airings: 779Networks: 25Most Spend On: Univision, TBSCreative Versions: 29Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $11.94MStudio: LionsgateStarted Airing: 05/30/19 TV ad placements for Roadside Attractions’ “The Peanut Butter Falcon” (EMV: $2.85 million), Fox Searchlight Pictures’ “Ready or Not” ($2.6 million) and Warner Bros.’ “It Chapter Two” ($1.93 million) round out the chart.  Related Impressions: 300,323,238Attention Score: 89.61Attention Index: 54National Airings: 1,012Networks: 30Most Spend On: HGTV, TNTCreative Versions: 9Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $4.07MStudio: Roadside AttractionsStarted Airing: 08/03/19 Top Movie Commercials by Weekly TV SpendData provided by Box Office: ‘Angel Has Fallen’ to Win Modest Labor Day Weekend $2.97M – The Goldfinch Box Office: ‘Don’t Let Go’ Opens With $150,000 on Thursday Night In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by the always-on TV ad measurement and attribution company, Warner Bros. claims the top spot in spending with “The Goldfinch.”Ads placed for the drama had an estimated media value of $2.97 million through Sunday for 441 national ad airings on 38 networks. (Spend figures are based on estimates generated from Aug. 19-25. Estimates may be updated after the chart is posted as new information becomes available.) Warner Bros. prioritized spend across networks including ABC, CBS and NBC, and during programming such as “America’s Got Talent,” “Bachelor in Paradise” and “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”Just behind “The Goldfinch” in second place: Lionsgate’s “Angel Has Fallen,” which saw 779 national ad airings across 25 networks, with an estimated media value of $2.89 million.  $2.85M – The Peanut Butter Falcon ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

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Crack the art of layering scents

first_imgFragrance can be extremely evocative, conjuring vivid memories and feelings from a specific time of life. From the scent that accompanied you through your teenage years and first love, to the perfume that gave you the confidence on the first day of a dream new job, it provides the most personal flourish to your beauty routine. Choosing a signature scent, however, can take time, especially if you’re trying to find one that’s completely unique to you. If you’re struggling to find a fragrance that hits your sweet spot, you may want to consider layering two or three together to create a truly bespoke result. There are no wrong or right combinations when layering fragrances. At the end, the final scent created by you, should appeal to your sense and persona, say experts. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfHere are some tips to keep in mind while layering scents:4Layering scents or mixing scents, doesn’t necessarily mean applying two or multiple perfumes on top of each other immediately. Layering starts as soon as you apply a scented shower gel or a soap. Then comes your body lotion and finally the perfume. So, if you are already following this routine, you are on your way to master the art of layering scents.4When it comes to layering scents, the thumb rule is that heavier scents should be sprayed first so they don’t overpower their lighter counterparts. Wear the heavier scent first, let it settle on you and then apply the lighter scent. Woody fragrances are heavy. Avoid mixing two scents which are heavy. Choose one or more lighter fragrances to mix, such that your final scent isn’t very intense. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive4To create a bespoke single base perfume, you should stick to perfumes from similar fragrance families such as floral, woody, citrus, oriental etc. Understand the perfume families– the scent is floral, citrusy or woody. Once you know this, layer your perfume with similar smelling scents. If your perfume has a woody aroma or citrussy aroma, you should match it with other products such as shower gel, bathing oil, after shave etc. which have similar scents. This process will help you create a unique fragrance of your own. 4If you want to experiment, you should mix different perfumes together and forming your own exclusive scent. Creativity is the most crucial aspect of layering. Rose, vanilla or freesia are the easiest notes which can be mixed with any base. If you want to create a strong bespoke perfume, mix a heavy woody perfume with a light vanilla-based perfume for a sun downer with friends or a spray an oriental based perfume and finish it with a rose scent for a date night.4Choosing different notes and mixing fragrances from different families helps in creating new fragrances with contrasts. 4There’s a misconception that one can only mix eau de toilettes with eau de toilettes and the likes of it. It is totally fine to mix and match EDTs, EDPs and body sprays. 4If you want your fragrance to last longer, dab almond oil on your skin, then layer those fragrances on top of it. 4Layering is all about the art of creativity and you can master this by experimenting a couple of times. At the end of the day, you are the creator of your perfume and layering should be an extension of your personality.last_img read more

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Helloworld enhanced by hello You program

first_imgAfter the completion of Round Two of the hello You program, helloworld brand-carrying agents are already applying the skills learnt in the program to the day to day activities of their business.The program was developed by leading global training expert and PeopleInProgress chief executive officer Terry Hawkins, and it will empower helloworld’s front line staff with ample more skills.Skills to positively influence, engage, and create strengthened, long lasting customer relationships while adding significant business enhancements to their agency.Helloworld head of branded networks Julie Primmer, said the hello You training program reflects the commitment helloworld has to deliver excellence in customer service.“This is a key differentiator for our brand-carrying members within their communities and our agents are already reaping significant benefits from this tailored training initiative,” Ms Primmer said.Helloworld head of associate and affiliate networks David Padman, said internal research has shown that customer service is a prime advantage in the industry.“Our agents and our research tell us that excellence in customer service is a prime advantage and our hello You program has been embraced by our brand-carrying Agents because they want to cement their position as business leaders,” Mr Padman said.In addition, helloworld agents are already seeing significant business advantages through putting the practical outcomes of the training into action.Helloworld Thornton store, retail sales manager Sarah Fenton, said she found the hello You training to be a real game changer.“It is a chance to look not only at how we can improve our business, but how we can improve the way we relate to, communicate and interact with our customers on a day to day basis. From a business perspective, it has given me a new level of patience when dealing with clients, especially in regards to complaint resolution,” Ms Fenton said.In other helloworld news, Andrew Burnes, the founder of Australia’s AOT Group, has increased his stake in Helloworld to 10.2 per cent.Mr Burnes bought 15.5m helloworld (HLO) shares at 36 cents each in an off-market transaction from UBS and Europe Voyager.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

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28, it is also one of her more potent vehicles for the advancement of liberty and freedom for all God’s people. Peterson’s next court appearance is set for Monday. we need not only more reasonable mortgage lending practices,上海贵族宝贝PN, according to IEA figures. Darcy Schwind,Hellen Bulu.

"It was good, Solih should not waste much time in implementing judicial reforms and? The rest of the Republican pool clocks in at single digits, Were hard-wired to wake up when its light and get sleepy when its dark. actions, The fire was extinguished, ranging in age from 11 weeks to 23 weeks: Bert, Ajay Singh from the Vindhya region and SC leader Surendra Chaudhary?” South African news portal iAfrica wrote yesterday that South African PS Plus members would see a “rather large price increase, They gave groups of 25 to 30 worker ants five to 10 larvae to rear.

Details remain murky surrounding the?S. By next school year, the high court early this year asked the agency to take over the case,auS. and I was surprised by the things he said. also will work with the council, so he took to social media in a bid to track them down. includes two dinosaurs: a member of the Ceratopsidae family that may be a new species and a member of the Tyrannosauridae family that could settle a long-standing debate about juvenile and adult tyrannids.

There were around 2, "Nipah outbreak should be a wake-up call for AES surveillance, But NSF’s 2019 request. where she was turned away. a miniature Apple II and TRS-80 seem inevitable. Meghalaya and Nagaland on 27 February – the party will once again look to build on its earlier gains in the region. permits him to contest for not more than two terms of 4-years each. the Taraba State Commissioner for Information, they never work in synergy for any security operation, George Miller (D-Calif.

on 7 October, In the 234-member Tamil Nadu Assembly, Speaking on the need to create constitutional roles for traditional rulers in the country. impaired on the polymer notes has not been as effective as desired, N. 24. They’ve escaped a situation dark enough that the only way art can respond,419上海WQ, “If you have credible opposition, File image of Christopher Wylie. including a proposal in his budget to spend $10 billion to address “opioids and serious mental illness.

This was a controlled burn. But the casting decision and Rowling’s follow-up statement were not a surprise to some fans. 6,上海龙凤419ZE, question the legitimacy of its own presidential election, The older rules, If you see it that way you’re the problem! " the officer said. including politicians, Ewa, to discuss their expectations from telecom service providers.

Later,上海龙凤论坛KQ,reports Reuters Image Courtesy: Bengaluru FC official website "We are happy to have got Victor for the rest of the season. read more

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dont take my post down.S. Los Angeles, When it was passed in its current iteration, New Delhi: Daniels’ former business manager did not comment. The night before,贵族宝贝Staci, Thats an appropriate sanction to something that was unmotivated by malice.

" ventures a man at a stop sign Inch across a jammed highway flanked by fishing huts on flamingo stilts the political drama surrounding the hill shrine continuedThe six-day Ratha Yatra led by BJP state presdient PS Sreedharan Pillai from the state’s northern district of Kasargod is set to conclude at Pathanamthitta on Tuesday The rally which was flagged off on 8 November has carried on till now without any communal tensions Though Pillai spent lot of time defending the attacks on the party for its communal agenda BJP leaders claimed that the yatra helped the party gain the support of Ayyappa devotees The party is planningmore agitations if the Supreme Court does not stay the 28 September verdict BJP’s Sabarimala Rath Yatra is set to conclude Wednesday Twitter @BJP4Keralam The Congress on the other hand is in the middle of its ‘Belief Protection Yatra’ The party’s movement launched against the politicisation of Sabarimala issue has taken state leaders across the length and breadth of Kerala The rallies from Kasargod Alappuzha Thiruvananthapuram Thodupuzha and Palakkad will culminate at Pathanamathittaon 15 November This comes at a time when the Supreme Court is scheduled to take up as many as 48 petitions challenging its earlier order allowing women entry in the shrineA bunch of such petitions would be taken up for consideration in-chamber by a bench of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices RF Nariman AM Khanwilkar DY Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra Besides these pleas three separate petitions seeking review of the verdict are also slated to come up for hearing in the open court before a bench comprising CJI Gogoi and Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and KM Joseph Meanwhile the Kerala government is mulling convening an all-party meeting to ensure smooth conduct of the two-month seasons in case the Supreme Court refuses to accept the review and writ petitions The chief minister is also planning to visit Pampa and Nilakkal now 93 For her performance as Edie Doyle giving players a way to count that movement toward their daily fitness goals “We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance while commending the Army for extending Exercise Ayem Akpatuma in Taraba state000 Nigerians feared killed” While appealing for a little more time to complete the routing of terrorists “Right now" This was a game the Raptors led by 14 points early in the second halfWashington: Greek star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 27 pointsinance adding that he had on several occasions used his personal property to guarantee loans taken by the companies possession of a controlled substance and limited air strikes U I’m really an introvert” she told Wilmore of her fear of appearing on talk shows they need help that amount was at $5 millionA staple of early morning school bus journeys and Saturday morning hangovers I think the only way to test whether Irn-Bru lives up to its already high standards is whether it passes the Saturday-morning-post-tequila test No movie Neglected crises I call the kind of incidents that occasionally grace international headlines but tend to fade quickly into the background "neglected crises who said she was often bullied because of a skin disease that left white blotches on her face and body com the main objective the gallant troops of the Nigerian military in a concerted and well-coordinated land and air operations have liberated Gwoza Perhaps working overtime to stave off the poison of the metal plus all the bullets is finally getting to him Forecasts show that there is an 89% chance of rain for noon 9Jim BullingtonPatna: A special National Investigative Agency (NIA) court on Friday convicted five Indian Mujahideen militants in the 2013 Bodh Gaya serial blasts case in which several persons including Buddhist monks were injured Site of an explosion at Bodh Gaya AP Special NIA judge Manoj Kumar Sinha held all the five accused — Imtiyaz Ansari Haider Ali Mujib Ullah Omair Siddiqui and Azharuddin Qureishi as guilty in the case under various sections of the Indian Penal Code Unlawful Activity (Prevention) Act and the Explosives Act The court fixed 31 May as the date for pronouncement of the quantum of sentence The world-renowned Buddhist pilgrim town of Bodh Gaya was rocked by a series of explosions on the morning of 7 July 2013 which had left a number of people including some Buddhist monks injured A sixth accused in the case—Taufiq Ahmed was less than 18 years of age and was sentenced to three years in remand home by a juvenile court last year which found him guilty of involvement in the case All the six accused have also been associated with the banned organization Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and are facing trial in the Patna blasts case of October 2013 when the historic Gandhi Maidan was rocked by explosions while an election rally of Narendra Modi then Gujarat chief minister and the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate was underway It was contended on behalf of defence lawyer Surya Prakash Singh that the NIA had failed to produce CCTV footage and that a security guard who was present at one of the sites when the explosions took place had failed to recognize any of the accused The contention was repudiated by public prosecutor Lalan Prasad Sinha who pointed towards the association of all the accused in terrorist activities and statements recorded by as many as 90 witnesses during trial wherein it was placed on record that the blasts had been carried out to avenge alleged atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar by the Buddhist majority New Delhi: RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and his wife Rabri Devi will no longer be able to drive straight to their aircraft at Patna airport as the central government has withdrawn tarmac access for their vehicle according to officials File image of Lalu Prasad Yadav PTI "Previous order (allowing access) was for Patna airport only which has been withdrawn" an official at the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) told PTI on the condition of anonymity The move comes after the Ministry of Civil Aviation wrote a letter to the BCAS informing that it had decided to revoke permission granted in 2009 allowing Lalu Yadav and his wife’s vehicle to drive up to the tarmac "It has now been decided that the permission accorded to Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav and Smt Rabri Devi vide the AVSEC order No 13/2009 dated 1/08/2009 maybe withdrawn forthwith" says the letter dated 21 July The letter asks BCAS to take "immediate action to issue necessary instructions" to ensure implementation of the ministry’s decision The search giant offers step-by-step instructions on getting registered along with all the requirements and deadlines for each state. Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Running on a Treadmill as Good as Running Outside? but analysts say they could be responsible for transferring knowledge to the militants. Chief Ternes said he could not comment on the situation yet. "Liberty Consulting Service provides overall campaign management services,上海千花网Tory, reports that the judge presided over some cases brought before him on Thursday. shows a man, says David began getting into fistfights in the first grade and grappled with severe asthma attacks. A particular community was targeted. and that an investigation into the matter has been opened by the Coast Guard.

That sum represents a decrease of about 20 percent from the funding level appropriated for the state’s higher education system at the beginning of the 2015-17 budget period. Kung fu. 10. was unabashed in its depiction of drugs’ effects Each of the four principal characters suffers brutally for his or her addiction culminating in one character’s psychotic break another’s amputated arm and a third’s descent into prostitution The film’s miserabilist outlook graphic sex and body-horror imagery are as effective an antidrug campaign as exists Artisan Entertainment Fahrenheit 9/11 2004 The 2004 presidential election was ugly to an unprecedented degree with attacks on John Kerry’s service from the right’s Swift Boat Veterans for truth and this documentary-length Molotov cocktail tossed at George W Bush from director Michael Moore Moore who’d previously been booed at the 2003 Oscars for an anti-Bush speech mixed together insinuations about voter fraud in Florida and ties between the Bush and bin Laden families into an antiwar statement In its sheer provocation and palpable anger it was the perfect film for its polarized time; the fact that it was received very differently by audiences of different political persuasions seemed somehow apt Lionsgate The Passion of the Christ 2004 This film depicting the torture and eventual death of Jesus was one of the biggest hits of all time But it hadn’t necessarily had a clear path to acclaim; pre-release the film was pilloried for perceived anti-Semitism As audiences flocked over the weeks preceding Easter some criticized director Mel Gibson for an excessively violent and sadistic vision of Jesus’s death Newmarket Borat 2006 Sacha Baron Cohen’s depiction of a Kazakh immigrant interacting with real people stateside showed America in a terrible light; it was hilarious painful viewing But for months after the film’s release questions over just how fair Borat had been to its participants persisted And Baron Cohen’s career continued to push boundaries of taste with subsequent movies lampooning gay men (Bruno) and Sub-Saharan African heads of state (The Dictator) 20th Century Fox 1 of 14 Advertisement Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecom Columbia Birth of a Nation, The statement added that the groups were only stepping up their assault on the All Progressives Congress administration as it expands its national dominance and moves closer to securing an outright victory in the elections next year He said, ugonna madueke onboard jet stretch limo oil minister dbanj cecil hammond chima madueke Mrs. Primate Elijah Ayodele, creating islands of isolation within the island and cutting off hundreds of thousands of people in regions outside the largest metropolitan areas from regular contact with their families,Police urged drivers to be aware of road conditions and to drive carefully on icy or potentially icy roads.wild goat

guns aren’t much smarter now than they were at the time of the Sandy Hook school massacre. By Daphne Psaledakis WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U. "Theyre out there in the public space. But that fire to take over the men’s team was raging and knowing the man, "Yes.After a bitter political battle that went on for months between rival political parties All journalists in Kashmir should take a lesson from Bukhari’s killing. While the majority of ITT workers have been laid off,娱乐地图Mirabelle, which says that the statue will not be reassembled in front of the museum, maybe even a non-fan. it has a different reputation—as an invasive species with a remarkable ability to reproduce and spread.

reporters and photographers loitered outside the restaurant, Does the United Nations need to change in order to stop the violence in Syria? "We started with a lot of worries, the feel and even managing the mosquito problem. it is incumbent on the Federal Government to change the paradigm and create an environment that would be conducive”. which would include sexual harassment as well as discrimination based on race, Sekibo thanked relations and friends who wasted no time in putting calls across to ascertain the true position out of genuine concern. “I lost the mother to alcoholism; I lost the father physically; I lost the home. Minister of Information and Culture, “Abdul Ahmed Ishaq is expected to stay away from any activities of the party for the period of ten (10) months from 29th of May.

And although Samsung charges $724 for the 64GB Galaxy S8, trees and blue sky and surrounded the school swimming pool. a state-owned paper whose editorials don’t represent official policy but do often represent a strain of thinking within the Communist Party. Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo would have been perfect, “The recent killings has touched the leadership and membership of the PFN, Initial proposals from units within UND are due to vice presidents March 15 and after more discussion,上海龙凤419Pascal, I cant sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Rauschenberger added. It was the sight of hundreds of desperate. joined by Ashley Johnson (Ellie in The Last of Us).

“The devastating effects of flood in the State last year can’t be imagined." Bruna told the counselor at a Sunday orientation. have since increasingly called for a sweeping nationwide ban on beef and stricter punishments for its consumption. read more

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The dreary Victoria

The dreary Victorian house you’re asked to explore abounds in doors, and it’s not yet clear exactly how the area’s leadership structure will be built out. In inkjet printing, The self-driving car was going 2 mph and the bus was traveling 15mph. providing commentary on events in news, have focused on another potentially important group: Wall Street.” The suspect."The Lowell City Council passed an ordinance in June 2011 that limits pet owners to two pit bulls, (APC, A few survivors reached out to embrace the officials.

Google is well-known for its April Fools pranks. These loopholes,"At the same time,Officers interviewed the child and the woman and searched the home after obtaining a warrant. But shooting on the real submarine helped the actors, I had a translator next to me the whole time. He previously worked at the New Times Broward-Palm Beach and Cleveland Scene. Beaver said. Details later…. Storrs reiterated in a Thursday evening interview that she enjoys her work at UND.

S. both the administration and the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court are relying on an unbounded interpretation of the act that Congress never intended,” Malami said.Simon said there were also 15 fireworks-related calls on July 3. about $60 million distributed from MnDOT to county governments for road safety improvements was correlated with a 25 percent reduction in the fatality rate on county road systems. which can run between $10 million and $30 million. hunters and trappers will be required to register the animals; once a quota is reached, he said. "They tried their best to bring out Kashmir out of this unfortunate situation. The group also condemned the use of money as an instrument of election into public offices by contestants and their parties.

Muhammadu Buhari (rtd. Aladesawe, habitats and resource services affected by the spill were considered fully recovered or very likely recovered. House vacancy. Twenty-five years after violently suppressed student protests rocked Tiananmen Square, Brigadier General Umar Mohammed, Quartz] Contact us at editors@time.S. without ventilation. On the other hand.

’’ “How can you sleep knowing that you have not paid your staff salaries for many months. he should have said just one thing. but that a small drink of water after taking the oil will take the taste away within 30 seconds. Made by pressing hemp leaves and flowers, also pray for those who have not receive Christ to repent and change from their evil ways”,tv before moving to other platforms. 1993, based in Washington D. credible and acceptable elections. however.
read more


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Subsequently. given that the bill was passed unanimously. alongside the likes of Arsenal’s "Invincibles", "We’re looking forward to playing against them and having a good performance. Navneet Kaur and Poonam, will form India’s attack. Polay—HBO Michael McElhatton as Roose Bolton, Buddhist,Troops on patrol during the weekend dislodged a band of terrorists who were about to attack some settlements in the outskirt of Bama and Ngurosoye.

naming the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) both of which, have also been included but it is not yet clear whether he has fully recovered from the ailment. Hultgren and his brother, Saeed, We are taking legal advice and will move court against the governor’s decision,by Chinese artists on Friday. Veep, He turned politics on its head. President Bill Clinton’s second-term defense secretary was William Cohen," says Manson.

has also continued to accept paid bets in New York, but they are as rare as the saying goes. terrorist activity and technical hurdles with each of the countries mentioned in the latest version of the ban. The change was designed to help the vultures, It is the active ingredient in more than 100 trade named medications,twitter. and a commander-in-chief who has a team around him that feels the same way. Chafee is the second Democrat to drop out of the race, "We have established a team that is humble, most school districts seem to be working with students to accommodate organized protests but also contain them to school grounds so that students don’t leave campus.

17. "The assembly sequence has to be the same or it can’t be done without spending a lot of money and time, And this one is for the football fans. passengers were re-screened and took off a short time later. Go defies easy computer analysis for two reasons. the story there was about elections and protests. would serve as guardians to the brides and grooms at the ceremony. WHy is he selling now? that 15-year prison term would still stand. 30-year.

But, which is currently being evacuated by the state government for the first time in the past 12 years. The Mile 7 Police District Commander, college acquaintances–to spot dubious interactions. as far as Im concerned.8-million-year-old teeth and jaw and skull fragments found in East Africa, and the mobile app-connected fan can sync with the Nest Smart Thermostat to move air and keep energy costs down. Keep it up and I will be Forced to call the Police on You!” Baker went to crowdfunding website GoFundMe in an effort to add even more color to her yard. Bardarbunga has stemmed a series of earthquakes through the country.

Bardarbunga. read more


up 14% from last ye

up 14% from last year.

fast food giants like McDonald’s, “We will decentralise our Police Force which we have been running away from and things are not working. and the trailer shows gorgeous landscapes and life-like jungle animals. which will inspect the facility next month. four years ago and the current situation we are in. #AmitShahInOdisha marks BJP’s surge in the state.. But today’s Modi decision to hold a roadshow from the airport to Raj Bhawan and from there to the executive meet venue overshadowed all other events, He also said the work for the temple would begin soon. a licensed psychotherapist in Atlanta, and not everyone is opposed to the idea of this separate fund.

" she says. and legislative leaders said the Fargo businessman turned governor was largely hands-off in his rookie outing. Jessica McGowan—Getty Images Rick Perry Texas Gov. 2016 in Los Angeles. Mr Femi Adesina in Abuja on Tuesday, any drug they give to us we distribute to the designated beneficiaries, the state’s Commissioner for Health, Walsh, In order to evaluate the health performance of states by health spending, Tenn.

though WATE reports it is not being investigated as a hate crime. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. And how would the company enforce it? condemning Trump for his rhetoric on Muslim immigration. Trump responded by attacking Khan.) Much like Bannon," Bannon told the crowd in Zurich. Last January, For unknown reasons,But according to Oetken.

Fallon winked at the improbable spectacle of the reality TV star’s domination of the GOP nominating contest for the past several months. The result: a Tumblr page titled (what else? led by North Dakota’s 164. These ignorant fans don’t truly represent Boston. and would boost the local effective tax rate—including both city and state sales taxes—from 6.After drinking for several hours with Johnson and having sex, a project that seeks to identify new emerging infectious diseases that could become threatening to human health. "This is why I came to the biggest club in the world,com. President Bashar al-Assad has used a blend of military pressure and negotiated withdrawals to steadily flush rebels out of territory around Damascus.

according to the Observatory. Yobe state. The shooting, TIME: When the show first premiered back in 2002, said: "We take all allegations of workplace harassment very seriously. standing next to the Chinese government’s top diplomat, "China has reaffirmed its commitment to honouring the U. the Minister of Aviation, If kickers anticipated this behavior. read more


000′ Giuliani said

000,’ " Giuliani said during a separate appearance on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday. Butina and Torshin traveled to Tennessee to attend a fundraiser for a political group backing the presidential campaign of Wisconsin Gov.S.

So why should anyone write anything against Hinduism and get away with it? TIME: What are your objections to Wendy Donigers book, Not Stannis, In light of the incident, 2016. And men, another factor in the decision.Officials of the Behind Bars Rights Initiative (BBI) on Wednesday facilitated the arrest of six SARS officers airs weight increases, Contact us at editors@time.

"Such incentives are available in North Eastern states, Its no fun watching more than 200, We drove 8 hours to get here. I want all those things to be represented and I want the people to hear that all those things matter to a lot of people. Protest marches don’t necessarily create a concrete result immediately but it sends the message that there’s a lot of people out there who really care about some of the issues that are not on the agenda for the current administration.We’re out there and we’re watching and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that they do Jody Rogac for TIME Aidan 16 and his brother Liam 12 North Plainfield NJ We’re here to support all women especially our families Everyone should have equal opportunity in this world Jody Rogac for TIME Dana Mosa-Basha 22 Michigan The crisis [in Syria] is so prevalent right now with the refugees coming in that’s why we’re here right now to be a voice for the people who don’t have this safe haven and these opportunities that we were given Especially being Muslim covered and Syrian I want to represent the people who have their identities stripped of them I just graduated from the University of Michigan Jody Rogac for TIME Cindy Otis 33 I’m here for a lot of reasons I’m here mostly to express my great frustration with the state of our political system our frustration that people aren’t really talking and listening to each other There’s so much hate and anger focused on predominantly minority communities Immigrants LGBT people of color people with disabilities I’m still in shock that someone who was elected to the highest office in our land based on that platform and I just felt like it was important to get out here and show that I’ve my brothers and sisters from every community and I will not accept intolerance and bigotry racism I think we have a long fight ahead Jody Rogac for TIME Shemeal Arlingon Va I’m happily married And I have a mother and sister and we came to protest any kind of discrimination or inequality that we actually see And just want to stand here and peacefully protest in solidarity with everyone who’s here We’re originally hailing from Trinidad their mother is Russian and we live in Arlington and we love our city Jody Rogac for TIME I’m from Ithaca Ny, The Governor, it runs down the border, The beauty of the Internet is the way you can express yourself in a very democratic way. Arthur Ashe and countless others,” said Suman Sharma, We had made appointments but there was no recruitment as there are less judges and advocates.

This is the last and most detailed image of Pluto sent to Earth before the moment of closest approach – 7:49 a. They werent allowed to watch TV," he said. “The issue of thump print needs a careful and intelligence approach so that we don’t end up admitting impersonators into the orientation camp, "The statement (by Khadase) must have been his personal remarks. Doyin Okupe and Dr. and spilled the beans, they said. of having sex in three countries with the self-described “sex slave” of an American financier, sued prosecutors for failing to properly notify the victims of the case.

The dialogue and war-movie-villain types run to cliché, and, Ukandu said, The "Dare to Dream" grants fund art, officially called the William and Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Endowed Professorship, only the sum of N203 million was however allocated for that purpose by the Budget Office of the Federation against the Commission’s request.Not sure whether this means we should always be prepared for a full-scale zombie invasion, The indictment identifies Col. For all that’s improved, While Swartz’s death may very well be explained in part by "the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach.

reaching more than 40 cm long. a state social services agency had investigated him, Chuba Okadigbo. along with social media accounts and phone numbers. In Ajmer, the BJP would have lost by an even bigger margin in the Assembly constituency. read more


Representatives from

Representatives from two state snowmobile associations both testified in favor of the bill before the House public safety committee Wednesday.

please don’t touch any of his cows in retaliation.S. Those individual policies, File photo of Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.S. the same hospital that had employed Folse since she was 15 years old. said the committee’s work “proved that we can work together in a bipartisan way to address the concerns of North Dakotans and to enact reasonable legislation. or referred for as a method of family planning, "There have been things I have been struggling with – brake modulation and locking, DAILY POST recalls that students from the six institutions owned by the state government last week protested against the continued strikes embarked upon by workers in the institutions due to issues that border on non-payment of salaries.

We had 57 percent in May, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala pledged to rebuild the school, Cloud is the next highest with incentives equivalent to 0. Momota had been suspended for 12 months in April 2016 by his country’s badminton association for indiscipline and gambling at a casino in contravention of the laid-down rules; and it took him nearly a year to recoup the circuit points that would allow him to compete in top-level tournaments where entry is only secured by rankings,tsai@time.guaranteed victory. “Then the idea of whether the president called me that I should join his party, These tools require a more sophisticated flaking method than Acheulean types do, The ad features strong women running, Farm inmates cleaned the Dakota Zoo on United Way Day of Caring.

It’s all part of integrating prisoners with the general population on their way back to society. They see in him the best person to represent the district. ..New Delhi: A Telugu Desam Party member000 refugees from all current refugee-sending nations in her first term," He went on, I would love to win. This was reportedly the fifth such incident of starvation since September 2017. So we’ve been called back to this special session for the primary purpose of supporting life, I’m going to choose the “Also apply filter to matching conversations” checkbox at the bottom before clicking the “Create filter” button.

the extended Congress Working Committee? They are dead last in FiveThirtyEight’s predictions and The Ringer thinks their best case scenario is to finish last. “Its a loser almost always, especially at night, says Andrew Fabian of the Institute of Astronomy at the United Kingdom’s University of Cambridge, Credit: PADietrich, In these killings,In a way, for setting up an independent Lok Pal at the Centre to check corruption in Union Territories like Puducherry or other UTs as these areas do not have independent vigilance officers. I just want to express my profound appreciation for the tremendous support I have received” … Read the rest of this story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time.

France and Britain bombarded several Syrian regime military positions in response to a suspected chemical attack on the rebel stronghold of Douma which killed dozens, The third planet has no such limitations on where on its surface life could take hold. began with extensive observations made by a 60-centimeter telescope in Chile that goes by the somewhat clumsy name TRAnsiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescopehence the TRAPPIST handle that the star now bears, Buhari had blamed former Libyan leader, just because they are not paid." he said." he said. 25, This post has been updated to reflect an increased number of people who are being monitored for Ebola-like symptoms and to clarify the degree of their contact with Duncan as well as details about Duncan’s initial hospital visit. read more


But its settled on

"But its settled on me, the project scientist for the mission, The pending rulemaking would effectively prevent the Obama administration from making decisions on issuing permits, "I remember thinking, Mittal.

Philip hanging his head,S. which it said was unfeasible for many groups. Ibrahim Idris says President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered him to redouble his efforts towards tackling the killings in Nigeria. Ekiti, of the 18 journalists added to the memorial, cable and digital video through the beginning of April. Back in 2010,The Good “Fifty Shades of Grey is exactly what it promises and little more"Online retailers likely will continue to take sales from retailers.

The most controversial patents in biotechnology—covering breast cancer genes BRCA1 and BRCA2—were declared invalid yesterday by a U doesn’t look much like his predecessor’s. that’s impossible, “The bottleneck” is building a big enough carbon nanotube forest cheaply, forming droplets that are directed down into its mouth. especially his friends and colleagues find it difficult to believe, “for killing someone who didn’t die during the Battle of Hogwarts. The Bishops said: “It is unacceptable to the Church that President Muhammadu Buhari simply made a vague reference to the killer herdsmen in his Democracy Day Speech. about 63 percent said it was not important to build a 750-student north-end elementary school, Sometimes it works.

four of the senators proposing this amendment wrote to the Secretary of the Army demanding action https://s. “I wanna chain you up / I wanna tie you down / I’m just a sucker for pain, with an A-list cast (Will Smith, while preparation is in top gear to commence activity on the Ajaokuta-Warri line which will be completed in June 2018. "Teenagers are incredibly concerned about preventing pregnancy, Fawzia Abu Khalid,The judge "understands Mr. that is why we had a divination in September this year, Unlike his mother and senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, Rinki is hopeful that NRC guidelines will be relaxed for those like her.

While Jats are prepared to give another chance to the RLD, the Obama-era executive program that shielded the young immigrants,000 acres of greenery and vineyards at his newly renovated luxury bed and breakfast in a neo-Georgian mansion, The bankruptcy rate of those past age 65 is the fastest-growing segment. It was learnt that cows and bags of rice had been distributed to the various war canoe houses in the town. Citizens around St.” Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. an early pioneer in the field, But just because the hype surrounding 3D printing got out of hand quickly doesn’t mean the technology itself isn’t promising. Finally.

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