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or above the site as an example, this site is the beginning of the original article is mainly to update, the snapshot is the basic update, you can love Shanghai "Shantou termite control", you can see my site in the top, click all look into the basic daily updates from the beginning of the 4, to the back of the two, to the present one, the frequency of updates are slowly reduced, so you can see a snapshot of just 18, if I’m in love with Shanghai before the update, add a few articles, should become the new snapshot, so if you do not update or update less, the snapshot does not update soon, another problem is that the quality of the content, for example, you start to write the real name network marketing article, suddenly in the late write some Timax Not null >

I optimized the 29 day, it is almost a month now, the basic customer requirements of the word row in the home front, we are not very good, but I told you to tell the truth, these words are not index, competitiveness is also general, if you call to optimize, and I probably the same time optimization results is different, but inside problem is certainly not the same, "not included, no keywords ranking, not updated snapshot and so on, and for not updated snapshot and rollback, the answer given by the author for 7 reasons, if you encounter such the problem, then you can look at is not in the

transition period gun!

love Shanghai now update algorithm is very fast, more and more of the site has been unable to meet the love of Shanghai’s standards, and for the new site and the old site, how to optimize to achieve the basic requirements of love Shanghai, then listen to me or give you a small pan Hui Road on the point today, "love Shanghai snapshot not update and tuidang" (a

is based on the website as an example, we look at the first picture, but I haven’t started a site optimization display title and description, and then look at the second pictures, is not changed, that I have set the optimized title and description, we may feel that nothing strange, of course, optimization change it, in fact, we can see a snapshot of the first picture of the snapshot and second pieces of time consistent, I was in the same time with a different keyword search results, this is a snapshot of the problem, last night snapshot suddenly retreated, into the old title and description today may love Shanghai slightly updated for a while, again, this is the new transition period, any situation will appear.



Shanghai dragon friends should know that the snapshot is not updated and tuidang has become a topic in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the next small pan recently optimized Shantou termite control site as an example to explain, we can look at some of the problems and the situation of the site keywords ranking

two, content and quality problems

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