Master this four new fast included no longer clouds

2, exchange Links, general webmaster do some friends, a website began what weight are not, if there is such a good resource utilization is not pity, called friends of the website chain of your site, but you’d better not start to link your friend’s website, after you stand included or some time to consider. In addition to the most rapid method, you have to go to the Internet to find, for example, add some Links exchange QQ group (the best in the site before you’re ready to group, not too much, 1~2 can, but the number of the best group in more than 150 people!), you can also through some Links platform to publish your website, you can find love in Shanghai through this platform very much (the best prepared in advance. Finally, you can go to A5), Chinese stationmaster station webmaster forums post recruitment Links.

3. website articles are added to the collection, such as Yahoo, Cape of Good Hope, Shanghai love music collection, collection, QQ bookmark, noble baby collection, sina VI, happy.

: the establishment of the first we should be prepared to do what?

1, submitted to the search engine website (the most common several, such as love Shanghai, noble baby, Yahoo, Bing, Soso, Sogou, Youdao), can also be submitted to some website directory.

taught himself to Shanghai dragon has been almost a year, which intermittently banbangege, making the final not carefully take some time to learn the system under the Shanghai dragon, often in the A5, Shanghai dragon WHY look at the master who every time after watching the wise remark of an experienced person, that was such a year, said, "not long, he is already started! Coming from the novice, novice what is most needed, what is love, what is most concerned about is clear?. We are an expert pointing at the next most, love is can be used on the resources, the most concern is the master’s wise remark of an experienced person. Today in here to share some of my new method of the establishment of the early

to prepare some data, such as Links platform web site, some large weight high site, some web site favorites bookmarks and code, some forums. People need to have a few more portal blog. (these data are available free on the Internet, but what good web site also need to personally test only) today from the domain name holder to buy the domain name resolves to dress up and immediately ready for the space program (above the site has joined the part of the content, if the website does not have content), do not submit proposals, the first full points to submit the Shanghai love too late.

in order to let love Shanghai quickly included "dress up" the station, what to do next? As long as the following four points to be included, what is not difficult.



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