How to compete with large enterprise website B2B station

1, tap their own advantages to make the difference

enterprise website, simple and monotonous, the promotion effect is small we give them some phrases, relative to the B2B ranking website (of course there is love of Shanghai’s own products, do not go into here), enterprise website is potential single force thin flow, rank, degree, experience and the demand point, half will be satisfied to meet the needs of users, this is the main reason that enterprises are always at the top of the website after B2B website.

the same price than service; in the next encounter some same price, more is to make full text from the aspects of products and services, customer service and brand protection, etc.. This is your key to beyond the large B2B site;

finally as the core, is often encountered: an industry, a variety of products, a website for each of the pages of the same design, it is easy to think that this is rubbish site 100. We will do every site

the same product than the price; the most attracting people click than the main products and the quality of the enterprise website, so the products in the same competitive conditions, only the superiority in the price, so the whole industry will also have a good website ranking;

enterprise website and traditional B2B large page station, has always been one of the enemy, a large B2B site above the enterprise website, is not what happens, for the novice just engaged in enterprise website construction, how to win the B2B website, come out on top in the short term, the focus should also from the analysis of two the difference between the aspects.

Core tip:

in addition, every enterprise website has the characteristics of its development, the key is to find a breakthrough, to avoid direct competition with large B2B, evasiveaction, the reason that the circuitous tactics.

Here comes Figure

2, enterprise website home page reflected your advantage;

: enterprise website how to marketing

We are in contact with many traditional

3, enterprise station to avoid

stations;A little more

advantage, can be said to be browsing, experience or beautiful interface etc.. Our common to the large B2B site. The reason is that the website title contains the keyword, and the factors of high weight, small and medium-sized enterprises, a single product, attention, not too many parameters. But at the same time we can tap the demand, from the long tail word, conversion, and attention has its own advantages.

then how to break the routine, especially for some novice, just full of enthusiasm in website construction enterprises, but suffered a B2B plate of cold water, as can be imagined the webmaster how tangled heart. Calm down, we are not difficult to find, some enterprise website is still the best in the rankings reflect the way, compared to the B2B website, he also has his own existence value. How to build a strong business promotion effect, we from here to analyze.

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