A few points as a qualified Shanghai dragon should have

has been working in Xi’an, while learning, while doing Shanghai dragon. Until now I still remember how did the most Shanghai dragon. How do I learn to do the Shanghai dragon. Start bitter, bitter end, although I have no what too big achievement, but Shanghai Longfeng this piece of the foundation work, is relatively stable. Words do not say, we speak from the opening of Shanghai dragon began.

here I give you a prologue, I hope you can understand a little bit, Shanghai dragon is not difficult, the difficulty is that we have their own ideas and routines. Here I will give you speak slowly.

, Shanghai dragon in less than two years. But the real work is engaged in Shanghai dragon about one and a half years.

said Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a topic, I am ready to launch because of the length, can only tell you about Shanghai dragon knowledge understanding, hope that we can learn a lot of things don’t forget to learn, is that in a moment. Some concepts like Shanghai dragon in, you have seen, but you just don’t understand what is going on. Read as journey; hangwanlilu, as reading countless people; reading countless people, not as good as the teacher points to the teacher points; Wu, as their own understanding. This is why many of us learn Shanghai dragon first thought is to go to some training institutions, we would like to take a shortcut. We need the experience of others to grow their own, this is not wrong. But we should not underestimate our ability, not superstition.

let me use a few answers: (not standard, is not the norm, but personal opinion)

first, site analysis and planning ability.

said today Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need some ability. That is how to be a qualified Shanghai dragon er? How advanced Shanghai Dragon Technology? Or know love Shanghai algorithm? These are not important, it is important that we can find our position in this changing world, we are a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, we need to love Shanghai has adjusted feedback". This "feedback", is positive, reliable, is to make long-term development of the site. How can we do? In other words, how can we achieve a qualified Shanghai dragon Er

? My name is Zhang Lipeng

took over a new website, analysis from two aspects, we took over the need to create new sites, of course, we need to be able to have a website for the overall analysis, at least to be able to make a website sketch. Analysis of user groups, see you in the direction of Shanghai dragon there, with your results, you make the optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon. This ability cannot be left where you go. If there is a web site, regardless of its design is how poor, regardless of how good it is, we all have the judgment. The one hand from the perceptual judgment, on the other hand, from the rational analysis. The sense of.

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