From the 825 love Shanghai fire love Shanghai update mechanism analysis

in August 25th after the update, the hands of dozens of enterprises in the station affected sites including 5. For the reasons I chase next analysis.

since the 628 incident, Shanghai is love update mechanism to raise a Babel of criticism of the discussion. Now 825 of the update again once the firm love Shanghai to fight the low quality inferior site determination. A part of the hands of a few stationmaster station number is implicated, have indicated that the "fire" to love Shanghai challenge again. Whether it is really hurt? We need not dwell too much, maybe you love Shanghai nnocently is updating one? Here we can say Shanghai’s technology does not pass, but actually is to rub the edge. Several of my hands below the author analysis the affected site.

has always followed the love sea walk webmaster, several love Shanghai update time affects our hearts, it is also the case, we should put aside the complaint, Jingxiaxinlai analysis every time the turmoil, the results of each change. Perhaps love Shanghai really not in place, maybe he and Google really there is a big gap, there is no need to search the 360 landing impact on love Shanghai. But since 2012 the love of Shanghai in nearly 80% domestic market share or to it all, the number of users in Shanghai decided to love everyone in the eyes of the position.


5 Web sites in the industry to summarize, network company, registered company, detective company. From the industry, registered company and detective company into a grey area obviously, we are not difficult to understand why love Shanghai remediation. Through the survey, the network company website also has been down right, obvious characteristics for love all Shanghai ranking directly back dozens or completely disappeared. We can understand it is the network industry, who had aroused the emergence of the emergence of the industry. So, just need to root, Shanghai dragon industry related sites have been affected.

two, the website internal reasonsThe hands are independent

three, outside the site

, industry

updated several times, Shanghai has a lot of love right down with a large number of spam links the station, such as the chain with mass software release. There is a station the author hands, informal enterprises making formal record after 3 months has not included the page, the final reason, after finishing in website has not released outside the chain is found to have a large number of spam pages >

website design, manual update site, so there is no article acquisition, sentence unreasonable phenomenon. 5 sites during the operation only in common, is updated by using the real-time news industry large, slightly edited and published, the update frequency in a week 3 to 5. Other sites and the same method of operation, the frequency is not so high but did not suffer right down. Thus, love Shanghai not accept the acquisition, but can not accept the acquisition of high frequency.

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