Secret love Shanghai MP how to improve the mobile web page loading speed



above is why love Shanghai launched MIP project. MIP by reducing the size of the pages, from the search results complete faster page loading, make web pages open instantly on mobile devices, browsing experience is not less than the original App. There had been a Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, the aim is to enhance the browsing speed.

for third party owners and advertisers, MIP support all kinds of websites and advertising services to its own components, just a simple transformation can be developed in accordance with the specification of MIP components. For content providers can access through the CMS way, directly provides the content to love Shanghai, love Shanghai will be the content to the MIP page of the detailed presentation to the user.


MIP Technology (dynamic speed effect diagram)

the love MIP in Shanghai for local user characteristics and needs for development, its specific use will be more in line with the domestic habits of the user experience. At present, MIP has covered the Shanghai feed love information flow, and has been applied in the "Rio Olympics" and other related search page, search for "Olympic Games" and "Fu Yuanhui" and other words can be clearly felt to enhance the speed of loading. At the same time, Shanghai will have the privilege of being of love search sites using MIP.

MIP what the user can bring and


with the updated iteration of Internet technology, people demand for mobile experience is also rising. I believe everyone will encounter a similar situation, if you use a mobile phone to search news waiting for a long time will feel impatient, slow loading time will be directly off the page.

Demonstration of The

search for "Fu Yuanhui" and other Olympic related key.

in other words, the MIP cache through the user to browse the page, but the page elements of miscellaneous without affecting restriction or extension based on the use of the case, to make the user smoother user experience, fast, within the same time can read more content.

and MIP will all the resources (ads, pictures, audio and video) for component specification. When the real resource loading, all resource size can be inferred immediately and quickly to calculate the page layout, loading resources will not appear seamless, because the page layout and update frequently affect the user experience of reading.

MIP how to accelerate the

MIP is launched recently by the Shanghai love open source project, which is the core of opening a set of technical standards used in the mobile web, by providing the MIP-HTML specification, the MIP-JS runtime environment and the MIP-Cache page caching system, mobile web acceleration.

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