The website ranking drop the main reason results

is the first, the replacement of IP, the leading search engine grab the error, do not know if you have found that there are a lot of love for Shanghai Telecom and Netcom to grab the results are not synchronized, so to infer that the search engine, especially love Shanghai, there must be a different grasp of Telecom and Netcom, so it means that we replace the IP will cause them to capture chaos, so lead to the drop, I say it is reasonable.

through the above two screenshots can see results, independent of the IP is certainly better than low risk sharing to optimize below IP, because the effect is not affected by other sites is right, the bottom of the figure once one website is affected, it is needless to say, certainly even tired of myself, so the website must to use IP, so as to ensure the safety.

third: from the opening speed, do not say that the search engine is not pay attention to this point, we take the people you love, broadband Internet fast, or slow broadband, needless to say, the fastest, then search engine is good, so the website must choose a good host, in fact this is why a good website is independent of the server, security and resource is on the one hand, may open speed is more important.

second: the replacement of IP or space, certainly caused by the impact is different, such as independent IP, is a website with a IP, not affected by other sites, for example, I cut a figure of

The second is the

fourth: the replacement of the server, will also have the possibility of losing in the content of the site above, there is a lot of server settings will affect the site’s ranking, so not to if not to change the server, and to change after the release of some links, because I was not released by the link.

Hello, I am the actual web design, recently my ranking has been in decline, today suddenly fell to the second page, this is not always the thing, I remember the worst moment in love is Shanghai’s second page first, today it dropped to the second page fourth love Shanghai. It is strange, how ah, think of the last what has been done, but no updates, like the change of servers, and this is a relationship, I analyze, look, ask is not in here.

is the last ranking drop also appeared in the update server, the last is another host from one host to but it is never good to host a good host, from IP to IP for sharing exclusive, from single to multi line, although the ranking also changed, but second days to recover don’t know how, today, it really will cause the server to replace the drop, so I address this issue specifically to study, we do not see is not the problem.

Comparison of

update site is responsible for site decline, once the search engine to your day.

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