Teach you some practical way to obtain soft inspiration


Shanghai dragon is the need to constantly learning, only continuous learning is like this, I write their own soft Wen also like this, that when there are several ways of learning, a forum, and a noble baby webmaster tools inside of the article, in fact, when you want to know the best Shanghai dragon tutorial and should be avoided where should the noble baby inside, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon should avoid things "

book is always a source of knowledge, it is always good to say, the recent Shanghai Longfeng actual combat password, but the book I bought 09 years, that time had yet to combat password, when the book is very good. Buy a book about Shanghai dragon books is very good, you see how much schooling, I remember the first time to write text on the A5, very excited, this article Shanghai Dragon: good intentions of the two aspects of the content and the chain, then spent a lot of time, although many are looking for information however, if a data sorting out, and then again released, will have a sense of achievement, especially in the first article, because of the first article will have second articles, third articles, this is the soft charm, so my advice is to have a good Shanghai the dragon is not a good choice in books, because reading is always better than good e-books.

The soft

second: my soft stage of development – Summary

the first point: my first article from the book

third: learning materials and books on Shanghai dragon

a lot of people say soft Wen doesn’t write well ah, really not good writing, in fact not good writing, is a good inspiration and ideas is not found, the idea is very important, very important points, source of ideas is soft, the idea is that you need to write a soft Wen inspiration, so how should we get to get the inspiration of soft way, so I put my former school soft way to share it, it should be useful to everyone, I hope everyone can write a good article for your reference.

is needed to continue to write, when working in a network company, there are so many websites need to deal with, especially the chain stage, so basically every week I can sort out a lot about his hair of the chain of thought, like, so this time the article is special pay attention to the chain, because the link to the website is very important, this is summarized, summed up this period of time what I did, what I should do and then write their own methods and published, there will be a great harvest; there is a love of Shanghai according to the view of the world, the love of Shanghai weekly updates and adjustments, if there are a lot of website of the hand, can write, change these sites, ranking what changes, especially if the quality of the website ranking, you can Rest this time what I did to have what special help, exchange Links ah, like, the most important thing is more practical to master.

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