How to improve the conversion efficiency of SEM

The key is to improve the direction of

there also needs to be mentioned is that the same unit, a maximum of not more than 3 creative suggestions, it will lead to too much creative data >


SEM exposure, increase the exposure and attract click, click, when one of the first link is accurate keywords. For the keyword selection, need more enterprise characteristics of their products and, of course, usually, keywords are usually divided into: brand, competitive word, general word, product word, word and other activities. In addition, through the research and test of SEM practitioners for many years found that the contrast transformation effect data, brand > competitive > general > > products; event. Thus, we consider the transformation effect, first, starting from the transformation effect is good keywords, choose accurate keywords, and keywords can abandon too broad. At the same time also must focus on 20% accurate keywords, timely adjustment of strategies. Not only that, but also through the daily precipitation data to obtain such accurate keywords, you can use the love of Shanghai, search keywords GA statistical tools, to understand and extract the keywords users really love, this kind of words as SEM put an important strategy.

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SEM has become the important means and methods of Internet marketing, advertisers not only in the pursuit of brand reputation, but also pay more attention to the transformation effect. The transformation effect is the rate of return on investment ROI, to improve the conversion effect by SEM, from many dimensions to consider. So, how to improve the conversion efficiency of SEM?? specifically from the following several aspects to discuss, hope colleagues exchanges and mutual discussion, common development and progress.

1, accurate keywords

SEM is not only the key to accurate keywords, but also stressed the importance of creativity. The basic requirements are: creative, smooth and rosy, which for the general SEM practitioners, is not difficult. Of course, it must be reminded that the creative writing must be based on product characteristics, and can not be too exaggerated, resulting in inconsistent with the facts. Just imagine, if the user is creative to attract, then click into the site, not in conformity with the facts so long, will not only increase the cost, decrease will cause enterprise reputation. Of course, the key point of creative writing is important: to attract, with unique creative stimulation, are often able to attract more users. The process of creative writing in the competition analysis, combined with the characteristics of creative products, but also through the A/B test of creative, through data comparison and analysis, the best creative.

also contains two important aspects, accurate keywords, mining needs not only accurate keywords, keywords like the kind of broad class only flow type stage must not words. Accurate keywords can not only improve the conversion effect of current, but also can save the cost, to improve the rate of return on investment from the two aspects of ROI.

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