On the subject of attention of how to determine the website weight

The weight of

website weight is the webmaster concern, the forum every day someone asked what time to update the PR value? Website weight do not how to do? What is your weight, will let the webmaster care so much, how can we determine the weight of a website, today Kedeng webmaster and we talk about striking website how to determine the weight.

weight high website, search engine is very frequent, original content is very useful to the search engine, so basically is the second one, like A5, is through, basically can be included within a few minutes. How many web content included, included the speed is the embodiment of the weights of the website.

website content update frequency, the frequency of spiders, snapshot update are frequency for weight of high standing, if one does not update the content, because the weight of snapshots will continue to update the awesome. A content update frequency, the high quality of the original station, the user experience is very high, to the search engine, the quality is very high, so the station in the search engine’s weight is very high.

fifth: the site itself

site according to the webmaster tools found website PR value, the PR value is to determine the weights of the website noble baby quality standard, can explain the chain chain number and site. But he is noble baby standard, do not represent any other search engine standard. PR is the webmaster to consider the chain in exchange the PR value update is slow, the new general PR value is 0, but still the weight is very high, now the PR value to the webmaster is not very important. If more than 5 PR in general is a very high weight.

third: through the contents of the website

webmaster every day is most concerned about is the website snapshot update time. The website snapshot are often update can see whether the spider often light, Gu your website, if you can not stand the spider, who will give you updated snapshot, the weight of high standing, will have the snapshot update frequency, general snapshot is within 3 days, the spider to your site is very diligent, it the snapshot update is diligent.

website also affects the website weight. Stability, access speed, independent IP, domain name, web application, weight factor website templates the site itself will affect the site. A weight high site, site space is the most stable, the most expensive time, for their own web space is the best space, the user experience of high degree of space is the best. Love foreign host can try ixwebhosting host, Chinese official station (贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝).

fourth: through the website

: first through the website PR value

The through the website snapshot


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