Shanghai Longfeng and bidding are interdependent relationship

is free, but price is paid by clicking a button point, how much money, because the cost is huge, so we all have better price called burn, and later because companies can not afford to burn money, heard that Shanghai dragon is free, and then put all into the Shanghai this dragon above, thought promotion expenses unlimited free click can not only give a lot of enterprises, but also for enterprises to make money, the fact is really so, I want to say is that it is so.

1+1 is equal to 2, but the price of your customers to seize the customers, Shanghai dragon you are caught, the probability of turnover is not increased, and now there is a view that the Shanghai dragon is dead, that the price actually popular, why is this idea, is because they are investing in. Shanghai Longfeng above, did not see the situation before burn no effect, now Shanghai dragon also no effect, so as to give Shanghai Longfeng occupation brings a sense of crisis, because the boss is not good business, then ranking business >

if the company properties of electronic commerce, and small and medium-sized enterprises, can not go to the CCTV advertising, but also does not have a strong brand, this time customers come from there, certainly is the search engine, love Shanghai has large storage, so the first few locations, in addition to some love Shanghai’s own products you can leave, only a few enterprises, how to occupy the position of several, of course is Shanghai dragon, but come back to think carefully, no matter how you optimize your ranking is always in the bidding below, if you love Shanghai promotion show a 8 kind of the it is your 10 below, if good luck, love Shanghai show 3 advertising time, then you have a chance, according to several companies I employed to feel really not completely Bet on Shanghai dragon above, and I have seen a lot of companies because of Shanghai dragon to stop the bidding and did not bring a good income, but the business is getting worse, some even have no longer operating, my view is that price based, supplemented by Shanghai dragon, but a lot of people say burn the money has no effect, I think there are two reasons, one is the industry, now China market economy has been highly developed, the profits era has ended, but the competition is fierce, so a lot of the previous industry has now become a waste industry, this burn no effect is inevitable another reason is that, although many companies do have price, but will not play that price, there is no professional bidding company personnel, accounts are in the care of love from Shanghai That company can do is love you and Shanghai said no money in the account, and then pay for the account settings, Guan Jian words, ideas, those who do not know the bid, since otherwise not burn effect is inevitable, the average consumer is not you are bidding or ranking of search results although the search results, who first entered the field of vision, then Shanghai dragon does is actually the price Jianlou, play a complementary role.

Shanghai dragon

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