Month: November 2017

The 4 rule novice optimizing a website must remember

for that kind of praying in Jackie Chan’s mind, I said very understand. Because when I do Taobao customer first, with this idea, just an on-line website, together with all the friends to visit my website, I increased the popularity of the website, although not the transaction, but see IP statistics on the number I will secretly chuckle. Of course, the establishment of the time I can’t always do these things to themselves, the actual.

! website

2 execution problem is the bottleneck of the development of the largest read more

Analysis of K diagnosis case of Shanghai Longfeng lottery business station

access is not standardizedThe

3, Web Page Title Optimization

Analysis of the chain


URL standard, simple said uniqueness is URL, a web site or page can only be accessed through a URL. Specification: to prevent the search engine database because the same page appears several times, reducing the search engine friendliness.

website optimization need to follow a different page title given different labels, to comply with the concept of search engine optimization. I found the lottery program development web page title appear keywords accumulation, my home page title is "lottery lottery software development program _ _ lottery lottery software system development xiaofeng". But the website pages are repeated lottery lottery software development program, keywords such as. Therefore I make adjustment is: read more


Website optimization Shanghai Longfeng novice how to comprehensive system

3, website picture size: now the site will have a lot of pictures, you’d better compression and landscaping, and then add a watermark, but we need to pay attention to the size of the image compression, look for good, or will affect the picture too obvious to the website open speed.

people say Shanghai dragon is to write articles, send the chain, but I always think, many things need to understand, Shanghai Longfeng do procedures, art, code, edit, chain, into a variety of skills, of course, most of the time, we may not get to all things, but we need to be able to code read the article, we need to write, to send the chain, the layout of the site will need to design. read more


How to create a page webmaster timeliness value promotion website whole flow

the immediate effectiveness: some unexpected time belongs to immediate timeliness, such as: natural disasters, hot events etc..

fan: timeliness often appear, such as: the weather weather forecast released every day is a fan of timeliness, there are other stocks, lottery also have the timeliness.

3, timeliness is divided into three categories:

2: updated periodically over a period of time, with a rule, which belongs to the cycle time.

search engine optimization technology development so far, the greater the value of the page ranking and decisive, forcing owners to improve their website value to obtain the natural ranking better. When the owners have paid attention to when the page value, the search engine will be adjusted to the algorithm, in fact, in the process of optimization, many of my friends find yourself writing soft and not without value, but by the indifference of the search engine, then search engine exactly what love page value? This is what we are going to discuss the problem today, then please read on. read more


Are you ready for the chess gameshlf1314 keyword advertising per click PPC terminology

and I think the actual chess game market capacity is much larger than the aforementioned research data. As far as the market is concerned, I think it is definitely higher than the data on the report. Many local chess companies are not well known, leading some industry analysis reports to ignore them. As a matter of fact, according to my rough estimate, there are at least 600 enterprises in the whole country with more than 100 million yuan per year of running water or more.


some people say that 2017 is the first year of chess, it was also said that in 2017, the chessboard industry has become a red sea year. For many chess game entrepreneurs, what should be done in order to stand out, I have some suggestions for this, I would like to share with them. read more


Shanghai Longfeng details the key position of the

2, in order not to neglect their (station in

actually do the ranking, we all know that modify station code is a must do, and there are many owners will have to modify the code when the pain, because watching the corner of the code, the station will be wrong, or confused, in psychological situations, there are many webmaster to be careless, so may where the details do not pay attention to their website, finally bring a lot of trouble, for example, some owners in order to get work, will make the website dynamic and static website, do not go, this way is present in a non malicious spider trap hidden dangers, and the webmaster to the emergence of a large number of keywords in the code, in the H1 H2, with some rather baffling label, in order to appear is the probability of some keywords, in fact, these exercises It is to bring trouble after site optimization ranking problems, so I hope to be patient, add keywords in the normal place, one can do the ranking, and will bring some convenience to us, so I hope to station webmaster don’t neglect details imperceptibly. read more


n line with the Shanghai dragon website construction should pay attention to what

there is a little strong would like to say that, although not the focus, but many people will ignore! Now we all said in the program Keywords, description tag search engine has no value, in fact, no matter Chuangsheng think, consider Shanghai Longfeng, these labels can give an indication of the search engine, making it more clearly know the theme thinking of this website, and the view of the large operation of Shanghai dragon website, Keywords, descript>

2, clear navigation, night navigation (regardless of the bread of Shanghai dragon and user experience must be considered) read more


Shanghai Longfeng orders remember is not the one who can earn money

wanted to press your price, cheap to what can accept

why now Shanghai dragon orders is the price of cabbage, personal feeling in addition to the fierce competition in the industry, most of the time is our employees not reserved, in order to increase the performance, so what customers are spared. In fact, we can think of a simple word to do a certain position we need to pay a lot of hard work, if we want to get the growth performance depends on the amount of words, then finally exhausted also do not get the results you want. But this time we must seek high-end users, these users will not be with you too much care about the price, they pay more attention to the effect of, can give you enough money demand and time, some owners in a word only give 200 dollars, but also the day shouting our price is expensive, the effect is not stable this kind of customers for the company, there is no future benefits. Because in their eyes, as if the price is more important than the effect, in order to be able to accept the price, do not even care about our optimization strategy, this kind of customers when we launched value-added services and how read more


The B2C electronic commerce website four optimization key


e-commerce websites in recent years has developed rapidly, and the momentum is still more rapidly, this is not a lot of e-commerce giants listed, the money to make money, people look forward to the visible e-commerce sites have increased more than a few minutes, also let everybody see the profitability is very strong, but when a profitable model will have a lot of competitors, how can we break through the campaign rival? So many people are focused on the optimization of the above Shanghai dragon. At present the B2C point platform for most small and medium-sized companies in the holding site is mostly used in CMS system, so that the majority of the site is the same, if you can find breakthroughs, make your site even and others do not, the user experience and the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng better, will be more likely to succeed. We have the following several key to focus on the optimization of read more


Sharing bike prospects how to share the road of entrepreneurship growthYou must have no idea this y

Eric · Ward Eric Ward is a graduate student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has always wanted to enter the aerospace industry. "People in this industry are passionate not only about space exploration, but also about solving difficult problems." He said.

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Hu Weiwei, founder of v-mobile, from the end of 2014 the v-mobile cycling idea at the beginning of 2015 registered companies, two years, she spent a lot of energy, looking for investment, self built factory, set up their own R & D team, produced a smart bike sharing. read more